DO NOT TRUST the Hardship Center

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Hardship Center scammed me and took my money.Based on information I submitted I was told I was eligible for a home loan modification.

I would be saving thousands of dollars with this so called approved modification, however, I needed to pay the Hardship Center a fee to represent me and complete this paperwork with a bank. How could I compare paying $2091.75 with the savings of a lifetime. In the documentation they sent me I would be giving a $20,000 loan reduction on mortgage and a 2.99% mortgage rate for the remainder of the mortgage life. I foolishy thought it was a true government load modficiation I was getting.

I was to be patient for four months and it would be completed. Too make a long story short everytime I contacted the Hardship Center I was told I needed to submit more paperwork. After 6 months I no longer had contact with them. Phone calls were not returned; vocie mail boxes of my contacts were filled.

I found myself working with my own mortgage company from January until April 30th when I was told my modification was denied. I got wise and then checked on line and found there were many others who were duped out of money by this company. What a fool I was. It cost me two grand which I had to borrow so I could pay in a timely fashion to learn a lesson I should have known at my age...offers too good are probably not genuine.

Embarrassed and still trying to resolve my mortgage endeavor which came about with the biggest shame of all time...the housing bubble debacle!!!

Our Government bailed out the banks and their employees rec'd generous end of the year bonuses adding up to millions (perhaps, billions) and the hardworking American citizens are suffering.It would probably have cost the federal government less to reduce the general population's mortgages than giving trillions to the BIG BANKS.

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